PWSH Cardiff

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The @pwshcdf Instagram can be viewed here. Funded by FOR Cardiff.

In August, I was commissioned for and co-curated PWSH Cardiff alongside several talented creatives. My idea was to paint six murals in Cardiff City Centre, transforming the unloved space behind Debenhams (St. David’s 2) – I wanted to paint performers, whether that be dancers, musicians, drag queens, or simply someone having the freedom to express themselves through movement. Something we have had to think about in a new light since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

‘Over one week, armed with paintbrushes and posca pens, the PWSH creatives will breathe new life into corners of the city centre and make you smile with their vibrant ideas.’

Fez and I! Photograph taken by Raquel Garcia

These are the first murals I have ever painted. Completed over the course of five (very long) days. It is one of my proudest accomplishments as an illustrator so far, and I’m incredibly grateful for the wonderful artists I was able to meet, the creatives I was able to work with, and especially Rachel Kinchin, who set the ball rolling and kept our spirits high with encouragement, creative direction and lots of snacks.

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