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When the fake tan bottle has lied to you again…


That first world, middle class lock-down… Drawn using an iPad and an Apple Pencil.

A Bolivian Picnic.

Inspired by Beth’s five month trip travelling South America and using photographs she’d taken at Laguna Blanca, Bolivia for reference. Drawn using an iPad and her finger.
A Bolivian Picnic.

Post-travelling prison.

Drawn using an iPad and her finger.
Post-Travelling Prison.

So what do you do when the environmental odds are officially stacked against you?

The graph in the top right corner is a rough copy of the Vostok Ice Core graph, which measures levels of methane and Co2 against the Earth’s temperature all the way down a deep ice core in Antarctica. The end of the graph shows a rise in temperature (as well as Co2 and methane) and levels out. This is when agriculture started, for 90% of our time on this planet, humans have been hunter-gatherers only. During around 1750-1800, humans were able to access fossilised energy, which lead to a monumental rise in what we now accept as a normal standard of living. This has not only come an environmental price but a global inequality too vast to even fathom. In 1820, the ratio of impoverished countries to wealthy was around 3 to 1, today it’s closer to 72 to 1. Drawn using my iPad and Beth’s finger.

Balancing Imbalance.

Yes, that poster does say 844 Nobel prizes awarded to men, compared to 48 to women, how very nobel. Drawn using an iPad and Beth’s finger.
Balancing Imbalance.

Settling In.

One of Beth’s earliest hand-drawn pieces.
Settling in.
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