exploring what the spaces we inhabit say about who we are, who we want to be, and who we want the world to think we are.

My name is Beth Blandford and this is an online portfolio of my illustrations. My work centres around the concept of space, our physical and mental space, the space we steal, the space we inherit, and the spaces we choose to inhabit. I’m heavily influenced by feminism and the conversations around it. This website features my exhibitions, commissions and personal projects.

I currently draw digitally, using an iPad and Apple Pencil. I have experience working with various mediums. Some of my most notable work has been with BBC Wales, being a part of Mona Chalabi’s ‘Who Are You Here To See?’ exhibition at the Zari Gallery in London, and being chosen for Creative Cardiff’s ‘Our Creative Cardiff 2020’ project.

Instagram: @blandoodles
E-mail: bethmblandford@gmail.com

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