Beth Blandford graduated with a degree in English Literature from the University of Liverpool.

her love of storytelling is the biggest inspiration for her artwork.

“Blandoodles was born out of a dire need to explore, express and process concepts that were too large to tackle at once, to break them down, find humour and warmth in them, and try my best to come to terms with questions being just as important as answers.”

Beth has worked with a range of mediums, from life-drawing in charcoal to her most common digital illustration practice. Each page of this website presents a different project she is or has been involved in. Beth was in her first exhibition at the Gate Theatre in Roath, Cardiff, where her work was noticed by BBC Wales. Since then she has designed advertisements for club nights, radio shows, provided illustrations for magazines, charities and individual commissions, as well as being involved in multiple exhibitions, including Mona Chalabi’s ‘Who Are You Here To See?’ exhibition at the Zari Gallery in London.

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