made in roath.

Made in Roath is a festival unique to Eastside Cardiff, which runs festivals, hosts artist residencies, creative workshops, a studio group and community darkroom. Beth’s illustration ‘The Tables Will Turn‘ won The People’s Choice Award in the 2019 Made in Roath festival, held at G39.

The Tables Will Turn original drawing, shown below, was presented and sold at The Gate’s Ocean exhibition. Beth since digitised the illustration to add colour and detail.

Original Drawing

Beth previously entered her work into the Made in Roath festival in 2018. The theme was Roath, for which she chose to draw her take on the famous Roath Park Lighthouse, as featured below. The lighthouse is officially called The Scott Memorial, in memory of Captain Scott and his crew who sailed from Cardiff to the Antarctic in 1912. The mission failed and the men perished. This impressive feat is honorable, however, Beth wanted her drawing to highlight the complete lack of memorials that recognise the incredible feats of Welsh women, in particular, Hannah Mills who won the gold medal for, you guessed it, sailing, at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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